What's in Your Library?

Suggestions for your library

Discipleship that Fits is a book that is inspiring us at Emmaus Life as we wrestle with the arduous task of making disciples in a distracted and overly busy culture. This book is teaching us about how God designed us to interact with one another and how to utilize each interactive space to maximize our disciple-making opportunities. "A disciple is the kind of person who becomes the kind of person Jesus would be." 


Surprise the World is a book that we are reading and implementing as a leadership team at Emmaus Life. The subtitle of this book: The five habits of highly missional people, is so applicable for our culture and it is presented in such a practical and doable way. The five habits are presented in an acronym: BELLS. Bless: I will bless three people this week. One who is not a part of our church. Eat: I will eat with three people this week. One who is not a part of our church. Listen: I will spend at least one period in the week listening to the Spirit's voice. Learn: I will spend at least one period in the week learning Christ. Sent: I will journal throughout the week about all of the ways I alerted others to the universal reign of God through Christ. If you are interested in discipleship and disciple-making then this is a very challenging, but realistic, adventurous book. Enjoy!

Acts for Everyone is one of the commentaries that I am using as I preach through the book of Acts at Emmaus Life. It is not so much an in depth study as a successful attempt by N.T. Wright to make the story of Acts cohesive. His insights allow for the reader to see behind the scenes while revealing the greater story of the beginning of the church. Enjoy!

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction is an excellent book. If you are interested in being a disciple of Jesus, but are unsure of what that might entail, then this is the book for you. It begins to answer the question of how to hear the voice of God in a very noisy world. It also brings up the idea that becoming a disciple is not something that happens over night. Excellent read

Brimstone has been incredibly challenging for my view of the world that we live in. It has truly opened my eyes to the way that I have been conditioned to see the people that I live with and live next to. Hugh Halter challenges the reader to engage in the art of "Holy Non-Judgment". In each chapter there are excellent application and process questions that will push you to Love God and Love others. Enjoy!

The Prodigal God does an excellent job of showing us what it looks like to enter the kingdom of God. Tim Keller opens our eyes to what is probably the best known and least understood parable of Jesus. It is worth the time invested to read it. It will show you how extravagant and complete the love of God is and that it is not something that we could ever earn. Take a look!

Building a Discipling Culture has amazing insights into the ways that we can build a culture around us that does the one thing that Jesus asked us to do...MAKE DISCIPLES! A quote from the book sums it up very well, "If you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make the church, you rarely get disciples." I don't know if there is a better way to communicate what we are trying to do at Emmaus Life than that! Enjoy!

The Signature of Jesus takes a deeper look at how Jesus lived His life and how He can change your life. Brennan Manning is an insightful and brutally honest writer who uses the scars and pains of his own life to give hope to others with scars and scrapes. Worth every minute spent reading it. 

The Signature of Jesus
By Brennan Manning

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift has been such a great encouragement for our family during this advent season. It is not too late to start! We have read these short stories to our kids each night of this advent season and have had the most engaging spiritual converstations with our kids. The best part are the process discussions at the end of each story. Please check this book out and begin the story of the coming of Christ with your kids! 

Ragamuffin Gospel was written for every person who feels like their life is a living, breathing paradox. It is for the person who knows that they are not what they are supposed to be, but that the deep love of God calls to them in the midst of their mediocrity. In this book Brennan Manning invites you to come and drink deeply from the wellspring of God's furious grace. 



Finding Spiritual Whitespace: “We live in a culture that brags and boasts about being busy. Whitespace is an important concept and Bonnie has captured it perfectly. If you’re exhausted with being exhausted, read this book. If you feel too busy to read this book, then that’s probably the best sign of all that you need it.”

The Great Divorce is one of the most entertaining and thought provoking books that I have had the pleasure of reading by C.S. Lewis. This is by no means a difinitive view of heaven or hell, but gives great perspective on the afterlife. I encourage you to read with a light heart and an open mind. 

The Great Divorce
By C. S. Lewis

Your God Is Too Small is a very good look into how we have a tendency to shrink God to something so much less than he is. If you are looking to expand your understanding of the infinite, passionate, powerful God of the Universe then this is worth every second spent reading it.

Abba's Child is one of the most formational books that I have ever read. Each page is rich with insights into how God's love for us and his choice of us constitute our true worth. This book changed my life and I have read and reread the pages more than any other book I own. It would be well worth your time to check it out!

God's Pursuit of Man will open your eyes to the ways in which God has pursued humanity since the first moments of creation. This is an excellent book! 

This book is an excellent look at how, before we ever made a move toward God, God was moving toward us.